Thursday, September 15, 2011

Challenge II, D15: Running in the Rain

This morning when my alarm chirped at 4:45 am, I sighed from the depths of my soul.

I've actually been doing pretty well lately-- I think maybe my body has finally adjusted to the earlier wake-up hour-- but this morning I wasn't sure I had anything left to give. Like I told you yesterday, it's been a good week over all... but the "ebbs" have been exhausting to me. ... I feel the mystical creative pull and I can't bear to wait for it to come to fruition. I cannot allow my spirit to rest; every fiber of my being is continually reaching forward... It's been a great creative time-- but an exhausting one.

I was up late writing last night... and then when I got in bed I was too worked up to get to sleep right away. So I lay awake dreaming. I stared at the ceiling and listened to the rain pattering softly on the the skylight in our adjacent master bath, smiling as Baron shifted his warm weight, purring at my feet. And thus it was until I finally drifted off at some unknown hour.

...So this morning it was awfully hard to will myself awake. By the grace of God I made it out of bed & into my running clothes. As I waited for my garmin to load it's satelites, I joined Gracie with my nose pressed to the sidelights of our front door. Peering out into the cold damp darkness. ...Wondering what the morning's miles would hold for me.

Heather and I began running at 5:15. At approximately 5:16 it began to rain. With the wind in our faces, we bent our heads and pushed forward. We were shivering and wet... but determined. As we moved swiftly through the darkness, we discussed our usual gamut of topics: from running (surprise!) to our weekend plans, to our jobs and some future dreams. Sometimes we didn't talk, we just moved forward, quietly supporting and simultaneously drawing strength from the other.

Our 5 mile split was more than a minute better than yesterday's. It seems that the coolness of the rain breathed new life into our legs.

It wasn't until I was back at home & immersed in my typical post-run morning routine: peeling off my wet socks and scooping ground coffee into the coffee maker; sneaking upstairs to kiss my sleeping husband and before hopping into a hot shower.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and paused, wondering.... "Who is this woman?"

I am a work in progress. I am far from perfect, but each day I'm getting a little wiser... stronger... better.

6 months ago, I wouldn't have dreamed this was possible. I've always wanted to make the change, but the first step seemed too much. But here I am. I do, in fact, posses the necessary courage, strength & passion to make the change.
...and to run a marathon.

♥ October 16, 2011 ♥