Friday, September 23, 2011

Good List Friday: volume viii

Happy, happy Friday, friends! Also ... Happy Autumn!

I hope you have been having a wonderful week :) I apologize for flying a bit 'under the radar' the past couple days… but I'll be back for good tomorrow! (I promise I'll be back to commenting, etc., too! My internet connection has been a little wonky lately, and, pained as I am to admit it, that has left me feeling sadly lost & out of touch!) I have all sorts of really exciting things to share with you--- I think you will enjoy the mini-series I've got coming up next week ;)

It's been a gorgeous day here, and, while I did get a little depressed this morning watching GMA and hearing about all the "worldly happenings", overall I am filled with hope, and my heart is happy. …Also, it's pumpkin spice Friday ♥ … and that never fails to lift my mood!

Just a quickie post for you today… but, like I said, I'll be back tomorrow evening ;)

Let's start the weekend off right with another installment of Good List Friday:

Good List:

1. Jon. I've had such wonderful adventures with my best friend this week!
2. Good sunglasses :)
3. Red wine & Dark chocolate
4. Warm sunshine & cool breezes
5. Comfortable sneakers
6. Coffeeeeee
7. Courage to speak up
8. Encouragement
9. Friday night "date night" ♥
10. "A woodland in full color is awesome as a forest fire, in magnitude at least, but a single tree is like a dancing tongue of flame to warm the heart." ~Hal Borland

Your Turn: What things make your "good list" this week?

PS: A special "Good Luck!" shout out to my friend, Hannah, who is running a 5k tomorrow :) You are going to rock it, girl!! Can't wait to hear about it!