Monday, September 12, 2011

Challenge II, D13: Weekend Wrap-up

Happy, happy Monday, friends :)

Before I go any further, I have to say this: Thank you God for


Waking up with a headache did not give my Monday a very promising start, but I am happy to say that with a cup of coffee and some ibuprofen pulsing through my veins, I am beginning to feel like a human being again. Hallelujah! ♥ Onward & upward!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I was a lazy photographer this weekend, so I'll have to paint the pictures for you with words today :)

I did manage to get one photo though:

I did it! 20 whole miles :) Woohoo!

Heh. Actually, this was a rather dismal run for me. I made a bad decision, and tried a different kind of fuel than I am used to mid-run ... and had stomach cramps the rest of the way. Happily & surprisingly, overall my pace didn't take too big of a hit, and I am so proud that I got my mileage in. Also, I am so, so grateful for my friend Tracy, who walked with me and encouraged me the whole time. Tracy, if you are reading this, you are wonderful-- thank you again!

I spent my Saturday afternoon apple picking (MacIntosh! My favorites!) with my parents, which was awfully nice because I haven't seen them very much lately. It's incredible to me how quickly we can fill our 20 lb bags... I remember it felt like it took a long time when I was tiny ;) I feel like it's really fall now that I've been apple picking! (And you can bet you'll see some apples & "apple-y" desserts in the near future!.... I need to make a pie for my Spectacular September, remember?!)

Saturday night was date night :) Jon & I went out to dinner (always a treat!), and then(!) we finally made it over to the new frozen yogurt shop (Orange Leaf) near us! I have been wanting to go for quite a while, and it was a perfect post-20 mile treat. I wish I had pictures to show you, but (a) it was a self serve joint, and frankly, my cups are never particularly "photo worthy" ;) and (b) it was gone pretty quickly. I got a "strawberry cheesecake" creation with graham cracker crumbs, strawberries & chocolate chips, and Jon got a peanut butter/brownie batter mix with cookie dough, oreo and chocolate sauce on top. ... I'm pretty sure we'll be going back soon ... and often! We brought our ice cream home & snuggled on the couch to watch a movie -- a perfect end to a (practically) perfect day ♥

Sunday was spent worshiping, napping, watching some spectacular thunderstorms & walking (not in the rain, thank goodness!) And to cap off a good weekend, Jon & I had a "Special Sunday Dinner" of smothered pork chops (pork chops covered in a mix of brown sugar, apples & stuffing. ... One of my most favorite fall meals!) Also, yesterday held long moments of reflection & prayer; quiet thanksgiving for brave & faith-filled individuals who have done so much for our country and our freedom.

Today, I am thankful for new beginnings. I am thankful for sunshine & cooler temperatures. I am thankful for a patient & loving husband, and a big God who cares for me & seeks my heart. ...And I am most certainly thankful to be rid of that headache ;)

Your Turn: How was your weekend? What was a highlight for you? What are you thankful for on this Monday? ♥