Sunday, August 28, 2011

Challenge II, D6: "The art of weekending"

I'm not sure if you have noticed or not, but there are two very distinctive weekend personalities. There are the people who watch the minute hand click to closing time on Friday and take off... ready to party the night away and spend every second of the weekend doing -- flitting effortlessly (& with endless energy) from one activity to the next. Then there are those who, at the close of the work week, leisurely head home, change into their comfiest clothes, and settle into the couch to spend the weekend not doing... just because they can ;)

Me? I like to think that I dabble a little bit in both worlds. I enjoy a Sunday afternoon nap just as much as the next person, and love spending a Saturday afternoon reading... but I'm on the go quite a bit, too. What is important to me is to soak up every moment of the weekend, but to be able to sit in bed on Sunday night completely at peace and renewed.

It is an art I am working on perfecting.

But this weekend? It was pretty perfect :)

You all ready know about my yesterday --truly, 18 miles was pretty much all I did... Ah! With the exception of making this for dinner... yummy! Post-run carbo-loading, anyone? (Um, and really, peeling a butternut squash is a workout in it's own right... Hah!)

So now without further ado I'll catch you up on today!

Today I:

* used & washed my frying pan 3 times.

* went to church & participated in heart moving worship

* hugged my sister ♥

* chopped about a million peaches

* swooned at the warm scent of 'fall' emanating through the house as the batch of peach butter cooked.

* roasted my first chicken on a bed of potatoes and carrots
* set the table for a lovely Sunday dinner for two. (When I was growing up, Sunday dinners were always a special meal during the week, enjoyed at the dining room table. I hope to keep that tradition for my own family. ♥)
* snuggled Baron and Gracie often

* enjoyed a glass of white wine with Jon to toast to another good week
* lingered in each moment as long as I could
* snuggled on the couch with Jon & the last of the haagen daas (!) after dinner
* ended the weekend deeply peaceful, and deeply thankful for the opportunity to do it all again starting tomorrow.

Your turn: How was your weekend, friends? Do you have any special "Sunday traditions" to start your week on the right foot?