Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy "Day Before"! (alt: Another Wordy Wednesday)

Is it just me, or is there anyone else out there that things "Days Before" (ie: Day before Christmas, Day before New Years, Day before Your Birthday...) are wonderful in their own right? I mean, don't get me wrong-- I LOVE celebrating on the actual day, but anticipation can be pretty wonderful, too :)

I digress...

And now, friends, I would like to present you with the weekly "Good List":

Good List: Thanksgiving Edition

  1. J. While I would never proclaim that things are perfect-- things are really, really good. I truly love being married. (Perfection is overrated, anyway...)

  2. I am blessed with a stylist who makes me feel like a million bucks everytime I get a haircut (for, I'd like to point out, significantly less than $1,000,000 ...)

  3. Kitties. I am so in love with my fur-babies, who provide hours upon hours of amusement, and offer me unfailing love.

  4. When tasks that you have been dreading for the past week end up being completely painless, and taking less than an hour, start-to-finish.

  5. Wedding pictures. I know I have gushed about how much I love mine (I love how looking at them brings back so much of the day for me!) but I really (still) love looking at pictures of really beautiful weddings (that aren't mine) -- and being inspired.

  6. Snuggling under our down comforter :)

  7. RACE SWAG. (Woah. If you are in the Central, OH area, the Flying Feather 4 Miler is a must. Why? 1 word for you: Wine.)

  8. Vitamin C. (...and no, I am not talking about the artist...)

  9. Dreams. And (maybe even more so!) turning them into attainable goals.

  10. Did you know that every year the president pardons a turkey? Corny, perhaps, but it still warms my heart <3
Yike... must get back to work... but, since I probably won't get back here until after-the-fact, have a really wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

I know I dreamed I was being chased last night....

... but it is ridiculous how tired I am. Gahh.
...And the copious amounts of coffee don't seem to be making a bit of difference. Maybe a brisk walk will help me?

Anyway, no more complaining allowed because:


I don't know if I've ever had a reason to mention this before, but I love, Love, LOVE Thanksgiving. It is, hands-down, my favorite holiday of the year. I think perhaps the reason why it edges out Christmas (bc I really love giving gifts, too....) is because it is a bit more relaxed. When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of eating harvest bread* in front of the Macy's parade with Laurie, in my pajamas. Heaven!

* For those poor souls out there who do not know what harvest bread is, it is a pumpkin bread base, which contains some or all of the following ingredients: chocolate chips, nuts, raisins... my personal favorite combo is choco. chips and nuts!!

Anyway, so even though I am (exhausted) tired today, I am very excited about the upcoming 4 day weekend, and I am doing my best to let my holiday cheer propel me through my "2 days short but packed to the brim with things to do" work week. And also, dear bloggies, in honor of this week of thanksgiving, I am doing my part to "cultivate gratitude"-- and I'm giving you a MONDAY LIST :) (... or 2... I'm not sure I will be able to stop with just one... YaY, lists!)

Wonderful things that I am looking forward to this Thanksgiving week:
  • sleep over with Laurie!
  • New Moon--- omg, omg, omg!!!
  • sleeping in on Friday!
  • Flying Feather 4 miler-- bright and early on Thursday morning!
  • The Macy's Parade-- so thankful for DVR :)
  • Pumpkin Chili! My mom always made us vegetable soup for sinner the night before Thanksgiving-- I think I will make pumpkin chili my tradition!
  • Thanksgiving dinner, prepared by Grandma J.
  • Cuddling baby Aiden at Thanksgiving dinner :)
  • The Thanksgiving Paper---- love the 3" of ads!
  • Seeing "The Blind Side" with Laurie and J at some point
  • and of course.... TURKEY!

You may notice that conspicuously absent from the list is "Black Friday/ Day after Thanksgiving" (pick your poison) shopping. Ugh. I realize that it may go against every girly-bone in my body to say this, but I HATE SHOPPING this time of year. (Actually, when I went out yesterday it was pretty bad all ready... perhaps store are employing a new sales- strategy this year to combat the economic slump?) I realize that if I was a "true-hot-blooded-bargain-hunter", I would be all over these sales, but honestly... apart from saving $$-- black Friday sales are fundamentally against everything I stand for. I am all about quick, efficient, happy shopping trips-- and for me "day after Thanksgiving sales" are none of these. ...I mean, obviously the quick and efficient parts are out-- and, inevitably, standing in mile long lines = cranky Amy. I would much rather sit down with the ads and dream-- planning my shopping strategy and then executing it later (like, at 7am on a Sunday morning, when the crowds are relatively under control!) I'm not going to lie... Christmas season forces me to completely change my shopping routine.. but it's okay :) I really enjoy singing along with Christmas music while I shop-- even at crazy hours in the morning/night -- as long as it's not "super-MORE-crowded" (whew--grammar patrol!) than normal, I am happy as a clam.

All right... Must run for now -- but happy Monday, everyone-- make it a good one :)

I'll be back tomorrow for Tuesday List Day!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

Yup.. This is how my day started :) Luckily it continued by laughing with J about it later....

Oooooh.... bad blogger, Amy! I realize that it has been well over a week since I last wrote (and that *gasp* I missed out on 2 "List Day Tuesdays"--- yeah, I'd be worried about me, too...) ... And for that, I apologize. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I suppose, depending on how you look at it!) I don't even really have a good excuse. Stuff has been crazy and busy... but just in a "normal life" sort of way. I feel like I have been fighting off something (cold, I'm sure... no flu, please!) for the past couple weeks (armed with lots of vitamin C... which, while I can't say it's been great on the stomach, has seemed to be pretty effective in the immuno-defense department...)-- so I feel like I've been extra tired-- but nothing unmanagable.
Honestly, I think I am just experienceing a case of the "(almost)-winter blahs". We've been having amazing weather lately (lots of sun and freakishly warm for Ohio in November), though-- so that has helped immensely.

Anyway, never fear, my bloggy friends! Immmmm Baaaaccck! :)

And to try to make up for my temporary hiatus, this promises to be one wordy post :) Not only do I have 2 weeks worth of Good Lists for you.... but I'll give you a general catch up of all that has been happening over here in the world of Amy.


Good List (week of 11/8): (note: I actually did write this last week, and had every intention of posting... but obviously I didn't.... Here it is now for your reading pleasure)

1. J. I love living with my best friend! Thursday's early morning heart-to-heart conversation is only one of many treasured A+J moments this week.
2. Sushi (!!) and
3. Girls' Night! Emily and I had a fabulous time on Monday evening-- we went out for dinner, and then came back home to look at wedding pictures and for some girly chat :) Glorious. I can't wait to do it again soon!
4. I got my new glasses on Tuesday. Love, love, LOVE (will post a pic soon-- I feel uber-trendy and cute in them!)
5. New opportunities to serve. I got an invitation from Pastor Bud on Wednesday to join the Staff Parish Committee. I'm very excited to see where this leads.
6. Pizza night. Oh, how I LOVE pizza night :) (which, this week, fell on Wednesday!)
7. Checking things off my to-do list-- today and tomorrow I am running name change errands. My goal is to have everything done (on my end) by Thanksgiving. (On this note: I am also very thankful for Google Calendar/ Google Tasks... lifesavers!)
8. More deep soul searching, inspired by this book.
9. My mother's cooking. I know it's cliche, but when I think comfort food, this is what I think :) I am very blessed to eat dinner with my family once a week.
10. Lovely, lovely Fall days. We have definitely been spoiled this week with all the sunshine. I love it!

Good List (for Today, Wednesday, Nov 18)

1. J. I love the man. And that's all :) (And that is enough.)
2. I AM DONE WRITING THANK-YOU NOTES. ... SO thankful for that!
3. Coffee. Which, for the past couple of weeks, I have been drinking black. Yup, folks... I am officially hard-core.
4. My dear little Gracie Lou. She makes every little task so much more (complicated) fun!
5. Post-it notes
6. G-chat :)
7. I'm being proactive and getting involved in some things that are really REALLY exciting to me. No details yet, but stay tuned.... hopefully I will have more to tell you soon!
8. Red pens. I know they have a bad reputation (think "grading pens").... but you have to admit, they are perfect to draw hearts with.
9. PB & pb (peanut butter + pumpkin butter) sandwiches.
10. Getting into the holiday spirit!

And now, the new list for the week: 28 by 28. This idea is by no means an original one-- in fact, I hae seen it pop up several times this week in the blog world (although, I can't remember to tell you where....) The drawn out title of this list is "28 things to do/accomplish by the time I'm 28". I love this idea!! I've been seeing a lot of "30 by 30" lists lately, and so I've decided to create my own personal edition! (28 because that will give me 5 years! --After that, I'll move on to 30....) ...but enough talk. I give you:

(Amy's) 28 by 28:
(in no particular order)
  1. Visit Carlisle, PA with J.
  2. Go to San Francisco with J.
  3. Go to Boston
  4. Go to an all-inclusive Sandals Resort with J (perhaps for our 5th Anniversary?)
  5. Run a marathon
  6. Write out a life plan and start making it happen.
  7. I'd really like to attend a Healthy Living Summit one of these years :)
  8. Buy a house with J
  9. Have a baby
  10. Help out with a Chrysalis Flight
  11. Host a holiday dinner for my family
  12. See my all-time favorite band in concert.
  13. Do a TTD/ Fearless Bridal portrait session with Kelly.
  14. Go hiking in the Rocky Mountains
  15. Go back to Gatlinburg with J.
  16. Start playing guitar again.
  17. Get involved with a "young adult" bible study. A real one :)
  18. Run an 8 minute mile.
  19. Run a sub-2 hour half marathon.
  20. Visit the Napa and Sonoma Valleys-- Tour lots of wineries!
  21. Go to a Country Music Concert :)
  22. Go on a roadtrip with J. (This is something he's always wanted to do-- I think it would be fun to go with him!)
  23. Go to Europe.
  24. Keep a garden
  25. Learn to fold a fitted sheet
  26. Bake a cake from scratch
  27. Go see "The Nutcracker" downtown at Christmastime
  28. See a Broadway Show

That was fun! (I definitely almost forgot to stop at 28... hehe....)

All right... well I'm not sure if that counted as a real "check-in" for what's been going on over here... but I think the "Good Lists" should have given a good glimpse at least :) ...Actually, I need to get going for now (lots of errands to run-- I definitely thrive on checking items off my to-do list!)

Happy hump-day, Bloggies! Make it a good one :)

(and yes, I promise my next post will not be so far down the road....)

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Ooops, my bad. I guess I may have never technically had Apple Crumble.... But I have had Pumpkin Crumble (when I was in WI) and it was phenomenal. You'd better believe J and I will be enjoying this sooon!

Recipe from COOKS.COM


Wednesday, November 4, 2009's all in the details :)

Hi, Bloggies-- Happy Wednesday!

I am snuggled up in my bathrobe (bathrobes are amazing things when you live in the northeast US. I live in mine from approximately October through April...) drinking a glass of wine and enjoying a square of Ghiradelli "Twilight Delight" chocolate. Mmmmmmm... Heaven :)

Anyway... what makes it even more heavenly is that (as I type this), my 512 be.a.utiful. wedding photos are downloading to my computer (haha... geez. I just had to pause for a 5 minute convo with J. about upload vs. download... I'm going to blame the wine...) ...and I'm getting to spend some quality time blogging-- which also makes me happy.

I guess (since I've only made you wait about... oh, 24 hours...) I'll start with list-y goodness:

Good List

1. J. (Argh. Who just right on cue fell asleep in the middle of our conversation... Sigh-- I guess maybe I am old and boring now?!)
2. Pictures (Surprised these made the list?) They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and, in the case of my wedding, the pictures captured a thousand thoughts and moments that I will treasure forever.
3. Homemade applesauce. So good!
4. Snuggling with Gracie under the covers. This is something new she's been doing every morning at about 5:15 am. Love, love, LOVE it :)
5. Slippers **
6. Sunday was the kick-off of POTM 2009! yAy for a great start to a fun challenge!
7. DOWN COMFORTER. enough said.
8. "The Soup" with Joel McHale-- why oh why did it take me so long to find this show? Definitely laugh-out-loud funny :)
9. Fuzzy gloves and scarves
10. Girls' nights!

Amy's Top 8 (still saving 10's for the Good List!) Favorite Foods:
(... alternatively titled: "And this is why I could never be a food blogger...")
  • Apples (and pretty much everything that can be made with apples: apple pie, apple crisp, apple crumble which is different from apple crisp! I'm not totally sure how, but it's awesome... maybe I'll google the recipe and post my findings!, apple sauce, apple dumplings... I could go on and on...)
  • Pizza. Love, love LOVE. The more veggies the better :)
  • BBQ. Wow.... I could probably eat this stuff every day for the rest of my (short if this is all I'm eating!) life... That's the country girl in me, I guess.
  • Sugar cookies!! (Although sue me-- I'm not a huge fan of the store bought ones....I can easily pass them up, although they are always so pretty. Give me a homemade sugar cookie, though, and I'll eat at least! one!)
  • Bread.
  • Pasta. (I'm a runner who religiously carbo-loads before all long runs and races:)
  • Dairy Queen Blizzards. OMG, love, Love, LOVE. MY absolute favorite is the pumpkin pie blizzard, followed closely by an oreo blizzard with peanut butter mixed in. Mmmm...Come to think of it-- I haven't gotten a pumpkin pie blizzard this year! Ahh! Tragic! (Does anyone know if they're still in season?!) ...It's a good thing they close at 9... otherwise I would have to wake J up and get one...
  • Macaroni and Cheese. I don't think I've ever had a kind that I didn't like. J.Alexander's is particularly delectable, though (thank you Gary and Sachiko for introducing me to this treat!)

*Drools* Anyway... Moving right along to this gem of a story (read: This is, in all honesty, a totally pathetic story... but funny. Even I can respect the humor, even if I do have to take it with a sigh and an eye roll.) You may have noticed that "Good List" item #5 was slippers**-- with two stars. While it is true that I happen to think very highly of my slippers, and tend to live in them when I'm hanging out at home, the stars did not indicate my enthusiasm... but rather a story: Tonight my slippers are especially wonderful and comforting because.... I think I broke my little toe. Aaaagh. I wish I was kidding :(

It happened like this: Lately, dear little Gracie has been all about closets. Obviously, since the doors are closed most of the day, Mama and Daddy must be keeping something really great in there... (Yeah, a great mess, kitty....) But so any time a closet door is opened, no matter where she is, she will race into the room at warp-kitten speed, and dive into the closet.

Which has been cute... Until today at approximately 7am.

I had my work clothes and shoe in my hands, and was on the lookout for Gracie as I was stepping out of the closet-- when she magically appeared Now, if it had been Baron, I probably would have just yelled and done my best not to step too hard... because really, he is old enough to know better, and he's a big sturdy cat-- he would have been mad, but fine. --Little Gracie weighs all of 2 lbs, and so (and here was the fatal mistake) I did everything I possibly could to move my body out of the way and not step on her-- which meant slamming my foot into the closet door frame (with, I swear to goodness, every single pound of my body weight's force behind it.) Holy Moly. From there, I found myself on the floor, uttering words that no 3 month old (kitty) should have to hear-- trying not to cry. Not fun, folks, not fun at all.

What was even less fun was tottering around all day at work (it would have been a little better for me if I would have done this in the summer-- I could have at least worn sandals. I don't care how comfortable your work shoes are-- if you have a broken toe, everything hurts it.)

So anyway... this development should make the POTM challenge exciting... at least for the next day or so until the swelling goes down. Booo... Black toes from running high mileage is hard core, but this is just lame. (I hope maybe it made you giggle, just the same :) Like I said... it hurts, but I learning to laugh at myself... especially when it is absurdly funny like this is. Also, you can breathe a sigh of relief that I will NOT being showing you a picture of my foot. The story is funny, but the toe itself is decidedly not...

I know this is turning into a marathon post, but I did promise you some wedding pictures, and I like to deliver on my promises...

Pictures and Wedding Talk: it's all in the details

I know that this expression is over used, especially when it comes to talking about weddings, but honestly, that's because it's true: "'s all in the details..." Yes, I did do a lot of little, behind the scenes detail work for my wedding. Yes, I did get stressed out about it a couple times (just ask J or Laurie!) But was it worth it: YES. And do I remember it ...NOT QUITE. About this point you are probably scratching your head-- so, let me explain:

I never wanted a huge elaborate wedding. In fact (and I don't know if I've mentioned it on here before): J and I didn't even do dinner and dancing. However-- which I didn't want big and elaborate, I wanted warm, friendly and family oriented-- simple and elegant was my ultimate prerogative. Above all, I wanted the wedding to be a celebration of our lives-- of who we were and the promise of who we will become together.

But with that said, of course I still wanted it to be uniquely mine. Everything we did was very Amy+J. From the dress to the programs, I truly felt that everything was perfect. I could not have asked for more for my special day. My goal was to be completely present-- once we reached the morning of September 19, everything was out of my hands and I was just along for the ride. I did my best to soak up every.single.moment so that I can treasure each memory in my heart forever. Even so, there is much that I have forgotten-- a wedding day is just incredibly intense: so many sights, sounds, people, emotions.

And this is why I absolutely adore my wedding pictures (and my photographer, Kelly Heasley. If you haven't all ready, visit her site: She comes with the highest recommendations from me.) Kelly (and Emily, her helper) were able to immortalize for me all the beautiful wonderful details: both the physical and emotional ones. Below is just a small sample. I am so looking forward to filling our home with such happy memories!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A temporary delay to List Day....

... Because I got the disc of wedding pictures tonight!!!

These are amazing :) I promise to share pictures and lists very soon!

...really, what more could you ask for?

Here's a teaser: