Monday, November 23, 2009

I know I dreamed I was being chased last night....

... but it is ridiculous how tired I am. Gahh.
...And the copious amounts of coffee don't seem to be making a bit of difference. Maybe a brisk walk will help me?

Anyway, no more complaining allowed because:


I don't know if I've ever had a reason to mention this before, but I love, Love, LOVE Thanksgiving. It is, hands-down, my favorite holiday of the year. I think perhaps the reason why it edges out Christmas (bc I really love giving gifts, too....) is because it is a bit more relaxed. When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of eating harvest bread* in front of the Macy's parade with Laurie, in my pajamas. Heaven!

* For those poor souls out there who do not know what harvest bread is, it is a pumpkin bread base, which contains some or all of the following ingredients: chocolate chips, nuts, raisins... my personal favorite combo is choco. chips and nuts!!

Anyway, so even though I am (exhausted) tired today, I am very excited about the upcoming 4 day weekend, and I am doing my best to let my holiday cheer propel me through my "2 days short but packed to the brim with things to do" work week. And also, dear bloggies, in honor of this week of thanksgiving, I am doing my part to "cultivate gratitude"-- and I'm giving you a MONDAY LIST :) (... or 2... I'm not sure I will be able to stop with just one... YaY, lists!)

Wonderful things that I am looking forward to this Thanksgiving week:
  • sleep over with Laurie!
  • New Moon--- omg, omg, omg!!!
  • sleeping in on Friday!
  • Flying Feather 4 miler-- bright and early on Thursday morning!
  • The Macy's Parade-- so thankful for DVR :)
  • Pumpkin Chili! My mom always made us vegetable soup for sinner the night before Thanksgiving-- I think I will make pumpkin chili my tradition!
  • Thanksgiving dinner, prepared by Grandma J.
  • Cuddling baby Aiden at Thanksgiving dinner :)
  • The Thanksgiving Paper---- love the 3" of ads!
  • Seeing "The Blind Side" with Laurie and J at some point
  • and of course.... TURKEY!

You may notice that conspicuously absent from the list is "Black Friday/ Day after Thanksgiving" (pick your poison) shopping. Ugh. I realize that it may go against every girly-bone in my body to say this, but I HATE SHOPPING this time of year. (Actually, when I went out yesterday it was pretty bad all ready... perhaps store are employing a new sales- strategy this year to combat the economic slump?) I realize that if I was a "true-hot-blooded-bargain-hunter", I would be all over these sales, but honestly... apart from saving $$-- black Friday sales are fundamentally against everything I stand for. I am all about quick, efficient, happy shopping trips-- and for me "day after Thanksgiving sales" are none of these. ...I mean, obviously the quick and efficient parts are out-- and, inevitably, standing in mile long lines = cranky Amy. I would much rather sit down with the ads and dream-- planning my shopping strategy and then executing it later (like, at 7am on a Sunday morning, when the crowds are relatively under control!) I'm not going to lie... Christmas season forces me to completely change my shopping routine.. but it's okay :) I really enjoy singing along with Christmas music while I shop-- even at crazy hours in the morning/night -- as long as it's not "super-MORE-crowded" (whew--grammar patrol!) than normal, I am happy as a clam.

All right... Must run for now -- but happy Monday, everyone-- make it a good one :)

I'll be back tomorrow for Tuesday List Day!

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