Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

Yup.. This is how my day started :) Luckily it continued by laughing with J about it later....

Oooooh.... bad blogger, Amy! I realize that it has been well over a week since I last wrote (and that *gasp* I missed out on 2 "List Day Tuesdays"--- yeah, I'd be worried about me, too...) ... And for that, I apologize. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I suppose, depending on how you look at it!) I don't even really have a good excuse. Stuff has been crazy and busy... but just in a "normal life" sort of way. I feel like I have been fighting off something (cold, I'm sure... no flu, please!) for the past couple weeks (armed with lots of vitamin C... which, while I can't say it's been great on the stomach, has seemed to be pretty effective in the immuno-defense department...)-- so I feel like I've been extra tired-- but nothing unmanagable.
Honestly, I think I am just experienceing a case of the "(almost)-winter blahs". We've been having amazing weather lately (lots of sun and freakishly warm for Ohio in November), though-- so that has helped immensely.

Anyway, never fear, my bloggy friends! Immmmm Baaaaccck! :)

And to try to make up for my temporary hiatus, this promises to be one wordy post :) Not only do I have 2 weeks worth of Good Lists for you.... but I'll give you a general catch up of all that has been happening over here in the world of Amy.


Good List (week of 11/8): (note: I actually did write this last week, and had every intention of posting... but obviously I didn't.... Here it is now for your reading pleasure)

1. J. I love living with my best friend! Thursday's early morning heart-to-heart conversation is only one of many treasured A+J moments this week.
2. Sushi (!!) and
3. Girls' Night! Emily and I had a fabulous time on Monday evening-- we went out for dinner, and then came back home to look at wedding pictures and for some girly chat :) Glorious. I can't wait to do it again soon!
4. I got my new glasses on Tuesday. Love, love, LOVE (will post a pic soon-- I feel uber-trendy and cute in them!)
5. New opportunities to serve. I got an invitation from Pastor Bud on Wednesday to join the Staff Parish Committee. I'm very excited to see where this leads.
6. Pizza night. Oh, how I LOVE pizza night :) (which, this week, fell on Wednesday!)
7. Checking things off my to-do list-- today and tomorrow I am running name change errands. My goal is to have everything done (on my end) by Thanksgiving. (On this note: I am also very thankful for Google Calendar/ Google Tasks... lifesavers!)
8. More deep soul searching, inspired by this book.
9. My mother's cooking. I know it's cliche, but when I think comfort food, this is what I think :) I am very blessed to eat dinner with my family once a week.
10. Lovely, lovely Fall days. We have definitely been spoiled this week with all the sunshine. I love it!

Good List (for Today, Wednesday, Nov 18)

1. J. I love the man. And that's all :) (And that is enough.)
2. I AM DONE WRITING THANK-YOU NOTES. ... SO thankful for that!
3. Coffee. Which, for the past couple of weeks, I have been drinking black. Yup, folks... I am officially hard-core.
4. My dear little Gracie Lou. She makes every little task so much more (complicated) fun!
5. Post-it notes
6. G-chat :)
7. I'm being proactive and getting involved in some things that are really REALLY exciting to me. No details yet, but stay tuned.... hopefully I will have more to tell you soon!
8. Red pens. I know they have a bad reputation (think "grading pens").... but you have to admit, they are perfect to draw hearts with.
9. PB & pb (peanut butter + pumpkin butter) sandwiches.
10. Getting into the holiday spirit!

And now, the new list for the week: 28 by 28. This idea is by no means an original one-- in fact, I hae seen it pop up several times this week in the blog world (although, I can't remember to tell you where....) The drawn out title of this list is "28 things to do/accomplish by the time I'm 28". I love this idea!! I've been seeing a lot of "30 by 30" lists lately, and so I've decided to create my own personal edition! (28 because that will give me 5 years! --After that, I'll move on to 30....) ...but enough talk. I give you:

(Amy's) 28 by 28:
(in no particular order)
  1. Visit Carlisle, PA with J.
  2. Go to San Francisco with J.
  3. Go to Boston
  4. Go to an all-inclusive Sandals Resort with J (perhaps for our 5th Anniversary?)
  5. Run a marathon
  6. Write out a life plan and start making it happen.
  7. I'd really like to attend a Healthy Living Summit one of these years :)
  8. Buy a house with J
  9. Have a baby
  10. Help out with a Chrysalis Flight
  11. Host a holiday dinner for my family
  12. See my all-time favorite band in concert.
  13. Do a TTD/ Fearless Bridal portrait session with Kelly.
  14. Go hiking in the Rocky Mountains
  15. Go back to Gatlinburg with J.
  16. Start playing guitar again.
  17. Get involved with a "young adult" bible study. A real one :)
  18. Run an 8 minute mile.
  19. Run a sub-2 hour half marathon.
  20. Visit the Napa and Sonoma Valleys-- Tour lots of wineries!
  21. Go to a Country Music Concert :)
  22. Go on a roadtrip with J. (This is something he's always wanted to do-- I think it would be fun to go with him!)
  23. Go to Europe.
  24. Keep a garden
  25. Learn to fold a fitted sheet
  26. Bake a cake from scratch
  27. Go see "The Nutcracker" downtown at Christmastime
  28. See a Broadway Show

That was fun! (I definitely almost forgot to stop at 28... hehe....)

All right... well I'm not sure if that counted as a real "check-in" for what's been going on over here... but I think the "Good Lists" should have given a good glimpse at least :) ...Actually, I need to get going for now (lots of errands to run-- I definitely thrive on checking items off my to-do list!)

Happy hump-day, Bloggies! Make it a good one :)

(and yes, I promise my next post will not be so far down the road....)


  1. I highly encourage #23!!! And I think it should be in the next two years so you can visit meeeee :)