Saturday, August 27, 2011

Challenge II, D5: Run with me!

18 mile club

Hey, hey friends! I hope your Saturday has been a wonderful one for you -- equal parts exciting & relaxing :)

This post is coming at you a little late tonight because I have been having a hard time keeping my eyes open for more than 30 minutes at a time. Seriously. So. Tired.

Tonight's post is going to be picture heavy... but sometimes it's more fun to get the story through the pictures.

Today I woke at 5:15 am.

...And kept company by my favorite little friend, I began what has become my Saturday morning ritual. Dress, Eat, Coffee, Fill water bottles, pack 'snacks' for the trail, pull hair into ponytail & head out the door. It's a beautiful thing, and after 13 weeks of training, it's a routine that is becoming second nature to me.

At 6:30 am I met up with my MiT group, and we headed out to the trail.

Each run has a beauty & a challenge all it's own. This week's run was incredibly hard for me mentally, but it also included moments of breathtaking beauty, like this picture I snapped of the sunshine on the water at Antrim Park.

3+ hours later, we were done; ready to write another successful training run into our archives. Even when it hurts, or when I am frustrated & mentally 'not in the game', or when I feel like I have nothing let to give; it's such a blessing to me. I am humbled and awed at what my body can do, and that I've been given a chance to pursue this dream of mine.

♥ 10.16.2011. ♥