Monday, August 9, 2010

Challenge Day #5: Treasure

All right, bloggies, I know this may not look like much ... but do not be mistaken.

This is treasure.

These scrapbooks and photo albums capture 24 years of life. That's 24 years of love, laughter, tears, dreams and surprising twists to the best made plans.

Tonight Laurie and I sat in my old room and went through these boxes, blowing dust off of leather covers, opening pages that haven't been read in years. We laughed and reminisced together-- marveling over how we've grown up-- and grown together-- over the years.

... And you know what? While those books will remain priceless mementos to me, as I look back now, they pale in comparison to something even greater-- time with a beloved friend, who also happens to be family. Sharing and creating memories with my little sister may be the greatest treasure of all :)

Also a treasured part of my day was sharing in the joy of my beautiful friend Katie, who got engaged this weekend. Congratulations, Katie and John, true love is a treasure.