Saturday, August 28, 2010

Challenge Day #20: Ready, Set...

Hi, friends - I hope you've had a wonderful Saturday!

I had big plans for mine, but actually it's turned out to be pretty low key. I got my hairs cut early this morning, did the "final" paint coat in the"former blue room" (I'll still need to do some touching up once the tape comes off, I'm sure...), and then (inevitably) napped with Gracie.

I've gotta say though, the nerves have definitely set in.

But, I've focused my nervous energies on preparing.

See for yourself:
I laid out all my race gear.
(...and Gracie approved. Here she's sleeping trying to sleep on my hat. She's really very sweet, even though she looks a little grumpy here :)

J & I took a nice little walk through our neighborhood.

...And, of course, I carbo-loaded

(Yes, in fact, that IS a beer next to my plate 'o' pasta. My father recommended it as a double threat-- to calm my nerves and load in a few more carbs at the same time :) Obedient daughter that I am, I took him up on his idea. Hehe.)

And now I'm loading my iPod with some fun, make-me-want-to-dance type songs to keep me moving tomorrow, charging my Garmin, drinking lots of water, and watching "Where the Wild Things Are" with J before bed. (I'm not sure about the movie yet, but I can say that I find it visually stunning.... just beautiful :)

I'll see you tomorrow for a recap!