Sunday, August 15, 2010

Challenge Day #11: Finding the good in 'thwarted plans'

Today's "Challenge Post" topic has ended up being a bit more ... erm... challenging than I was planning. I was going to post this evening about my long walk for the week -- 12 miles-- which I was super excited about because I was going to be going with a 'walking buddy', my father.

However, due to some rain and some technical difficulties (iPhone FAIL), the walk has been postponed until tomorrow. ...Which really isn't a problem at all, it's just disappointing. I had been looking forward to it (in a characteristic 'long distance day' = butterflies in my tummy kind of way) all afternoon, after all. Bah.

Mad/Disappointed Face. "Thumbs DOWN."

But I guess it's time for me to put on my 'big girl pants' and stop pouting about it. (J an the cats will be glad when I stop stomping around the house, hehe:) There were lots of good things about today, and now I can look forward to a long walk tomorrow evening-- which will be a wonderful way to wind up the day after 8hrs at work.

Good stuff today was, primarily, down time. Thank goodness for weekends! Since Ben has been in town our weekend has been a bit busier than usual, but this afternoon J & I got the chance to wind down and spend some good quality time together, talking and snuggling the kitties. (see our little "cuddle bugs", below.)

Actually, come to think of it, it was a pretty perfect Sunday afternoon.

Here's to seeing the good stuff (even in imperfect situations), and those who have the patience to love us through our cranky moments...

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday, friends!