Thursday, July 15, 2010


I am just a walking contradiction. ... And while I say that with complete pride, I also say that with the utmost respect for my husband, who has to put up with me.

Case in point -- for the most part, typos -- especially deliberate typos and cutesy words (eh hem, like the title of this post) drive me up the wall. I'll attribute that to years of hard-core dinner table "english paper edits". (My mother was a really tough critic. Grammar, punctuation, spelling-- I couldn't sneak anything past the woman... And now I am so grateful for that ...) Yet, for all the times these misspellings make me cringe-- there multiple other times when: (a) they make me smile:

or (b), I find that sometimes, only a word unsanctioned by Webster's is absolutely perfect for the situation (ie: "bloggies", "Anyhoo", or "Happies"). And, as we know, I'm all about "absolutley perfect" ;) (Heh. Right. Again, said with the sweetest sarcasm, and utmost respect to the husband who loves me in spite of and because of all my quirks. In all seriousness, though, many times I find that the situations that are not 'absolutely perfect' are actually the most beautiful.)

And now before I go any further, I must say:


(Her birthday was Wednesday, and we celebrated last night, as well by going out for beer + wings ... methinks the sister might be part country girl as well :)

Now where was I? ...Ah, yes, "happies". Lots of happies this in this past week, friends. To back up a little bit, the weekend was a total success -- so successful in fact, that we only managed to take one picture (see below). But, lacking in pictures or not-- it was wonderful. Beer and frozen yogurt were consumed (not together!), retail therapy was taken very seriously, girly talk abounded, and Eclipse was everything I hoped it would be. (...and I think I need to see it again. Does anyone want to come with me?)

Meh, what can I say-- I'm not a picture taker... I'm more of a "fly by the seat of my pants and delight in memories (if not pictures) later" type of girl. This is not to say I don't want to be a picture taker ... in fact, I think that "carry my camera with me and take more pictures" need to be a 2011 "New Year goal" ... Remind me in December :)

And this week has been a pretty good one too (although I admit that I may have a positive spin on it now that it's Friday!) "Normal" work weeks always seem to drag after lovely long holiday weekends ... It was just really nice to get to spend some time with J this week. I feel like we haven't gotten to see each other very much lately-- between SNL last week (evenings = effectively gone ... it's exhausting to 'play with' 21 children for 2 hours!), my fun (but particularly J-inclusive) girls' weekend and our normal "weekly-doings". Yes, I realize I live with the man, for goodness sake ... but I've found myself missing him lately. Does that make sense? This 'dependence' is something I never would have imagined would happen once I got married ... and, while I am sure it is not a bad thing, it completely baffles me. Ah well. I guess the bottom line is that I think my husband is awesome, and I especially enjoyed the moments we got to spend together this week -- treasured alone times inbetween the fun + duty portions of our schedules. In conclusion, this week = Happy.

And the weekend is looking good, too :) Tonight J and I are hosting our own "mini happy hour" and having a good friend (Hi, Gary!) over for some good conversation and good beer. Tomorrow morning I'm getting my hairs cut (something that always excites me -- I deliberately ask for the earliest appointment I can get so that I can walk around feeling cute for the rest of the day. Ridiculous, I know ... but when your usual "hair-do" routine consists of wash-and-go, a blow-out is kind of a big deal :) And tomorrow afternoon we are celebrating baby Aiden's 1st birthday! ... Ooooh- so excited! I haven't been to a 1st Birthday party ever ... uh wait.. since I was 4 (which I obviously can't remember at all ...) but I am confident that this will be another one of those fabulous things like Eclipse that is everything it's hyped up to be. Bring on the cake smashing!

And after that? The weekend that remains is a delightfully open book. I'm hoping for a nap, a good long run and possibly some more painting (we've still got the "blue room" to paint), but we'll see what happens. (Heh. Honestly? The nap is a huge priority... and the painting is more of a "that would be nice..." kind of 'loose priority'... The napping will get done ... the rest remains to be seen.)

Okay ... well I need to get a move on (cleaning and other necessary evils)... but I'll leave you with a Good List!

Good List

1. J. One of the things I love the most about my husband is that he really hears me-- and lets me really open up and speak my mind. It is absolutely freeing.

2. Fridays. (Holy. Goodness. I don't know if I've ever had "Fridays" on the good list before-- how can this be?!) Even when the week is long (check) and exhausting (check, check!) Fridays never fail to breathe new life into my bones, put a spring in my step and a sparkle in my soul. It would be nice if there could be more "Fridays" in a week, yes... I think the anticipation makes them just that much sweeter!

3. Flip flops. Quintessential Summer. (Ha... oh man... so whenever I say/hear/think the words "flip flop", my mind automatically goes to "flippy floppies" ... and then, predictably, here. Now you've got it stuck in your head, too... You may thank me later.)

4. Etsy. Oh, be still my heart!

5. Rootbeer floats

6. My baby french press. It delights me that something so small can bring me so much joy. Mmmmm French Pressed Cofffeeee.....

7. ...And speaking of small things bringing me great joy, there is, of course, Gracie. This week's new "trick" has left me both frustrated and laughing. She has discovered how to play me! Let me explain: Our laundry room is just off the kitchen, and we typically keep the door shut. Gracie (for some unknown reason) thinks the laundry room is the greatest place in the world, and her ears prick up as soon as she heaars the door open. On Tuesday night I was baking, and when I went to get the cinnamon and salt (we've got a spice rack on the back of the door) Gracie quickly darted into the laundry room and behind the washer. I wandered out of the room, knowing that eventually she would she was by herself and come out. And then the game began. I would wait a little while, and then creep over to the doorway-- only to see Gracie's fuzzy face peering around the corner. She would look at me, and then happily trot behind the washer again. This happened about 3x before I finally gave up and got out the treats. ... Little schemer ...
8. Impromptu picnics. I took myself out to a park for lunch on Tuesday, and it was wonderful! Such a nice mid-day getaway.

9. Thunderstorms.
10. Hope.