Saturday, July 3, 2010


Every Friday morning, as I will myself not to hit the snooze button one last time (for, in honesty, I am surely running late all ready), I make a deal with myself, "tomorrow you can sleep in."

And yet, here I am, another Saturday morning, awake and moving way too early for even my mother to consider it "sleeping in." But, friends? These early Saturday mornings are beautiful, magical in their own right. I love the quiet of early mornings, and feeling like for this moment, maybe I have the waking world all to myself. I love early morning sun; how it kisses your face and shoulders without burning them; sparkling on the damp grass.

I love that Baron and Gracie can sense the moment I wake, but that they give me a few minutes 'grace period' before they start squeaking that, "Really Mama.. we've been up for hours... it's definitely time for breakfast now." I love the dainty pat-pat-pat of their eager feet as they follow me into the kitchen, and how Baron sits regally, patiently in the middle of the floor while he waits; while Gracie can't contain her excitement, and winds her tiny body continuously around my ankles, purring the whole time.

And once the cats are fed, and peace once again reigns in our little house (for J takes the Saturday honor of sleeping in quite seriously, and would sleep until noon if I let him) I love to sit quietly and soak in the bright promise of a new day. I love this time of morning-- it's when I feel my most creative and alive -- motivated to take on and conquer every single task on my to do list. And I will

...But first? First I soak this in. I embrace these moments that uplift me today, and sustain me through the rest of the week. I revel in my momentary solitude; for, as much as I love being with people, there is incredible power in these alone times. I breathe deeply; blessing this day and giving thanks for my role within it; asking for strength and compassion in whatever circumstances I encounter. I take a few moments of absolute quiet, to still my mind and heart and just observe -- to truly see every aspect of my dewey, beautiful waking world.

And then I rise, coffee in hand, to wake my husband and start a new day. The sweetest kind of day, as it is a weekend day and we will spend it together.