Friday, July 9, 2010

Clean, Quiet, (tired), Content

Goooood Friday morning, bloggies! I realize that this "promised picture post" (say that 3x fast!) is coming on Friday, as opposed to Thursday ... But it is earrrrllllyyyy on Friday (gah... it still feels like it should be Thursday!), and, in my own humble opinion ... that counts for something :)

So, have you been wondering what I've been up to lately? Wonder no more! Here is a glimpse at the BIG project that has been consuming me all week A few quick notes : I didn't tackle this all by myself -- J was a huge help on Monday ... I've been working on finishing on and off on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, as well. Also. Disclaimer: Please do not be daunted by the fact that it has taken us the better part of a week to finish this ... We were completely inexperienced. ... it took us several coats of paint ... I'm hoping the blue room (yet to be painted!) will go a little bit faster!

What we started with:
(these legs belong to J. I am happy to report that my own gams are not nearly as hairy.)
Removing rings is a necessity when working with paint.
Whew. Almost done with the 1st coat! (Pardon the sweat ... With the doors and windows closed -- even with the ac on-- it felt like 100 degrees in that little room. J's comment :" Next time we do this we're shutting up the cats instead of ourselves." Smart man.)
All right... That's more like it! Almost done :)
Progress (I'm ready to peel tape & work on touching things up)
Wha-La! Finished Product! (Please excuse the unprofessional pics... I took these last night at 11 pm. I was tired. I'm not an advanced photographer by any means ... but you get the idea :) Also, the walls below look almost "stone colored"- probably because of flash. They are actually taupe.
Our little guest room -- finished!
(Momentarily ... actually we've got some more furniture coming ... But I think this is a rather cute intermediate -- ready for my weekend visitor!)
I found this pillow on clearance at Kohls and couldn't resist.
Love what it says!
So there you have it! Between painting, Summer Nights Live (Church Day camp) and work ( I traveled to Cincinnati yesterday for work and put in an 11 hour day. Woah. I'm thankful that this was not at all a normal occurrence.)-- I have definitely been racing around this week (Heh... and if you couldn't tell.... "sleep" has not been a major theme over the past 5 days... that's what weekends are for, right?!) But it's been worth every second. Now I just have to will myself through another work day -- coffee may be will be involved, I can assure you :)-- and I will be rewarded with what is shaping up to be an awesome weekend! My friend Jenny is coming into town-- and we've got good stuff planned.

Tonight's agenda: Dinner, drinks & girl talk, with a side of Jacob.... Yes, please!

Not sure I'll be back this weekend, but I ought to have some good stories for you next week :) Have a fabulous Friday, friends -- I'll catch you later!

Your Turn: Weekend plans?