Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm annoyed because I almost got run over today by a woman on her bicycle. A woman on her bicycle talking on her cell phone.


Now, I realize that I am not the most coordinated person in the world, and that (to me) riding a bicycle in itself without falling off is complicated enough, but really? I think riding a bicycle and talking on a cell phone is just asking for disaster. I'm lucky I made it out alive.

(Of course, I kid.... but it was pretty annoying. Enough so that as soon as she was a sufficient distance away I rolled my eyes and uttered, quite eloquently, "Seriously?" ... I realize I'm using that word a lot today, but I struggle to find other words to adequately expressed my disgust :)

Has anything crazy-annoying and absurd like this ever happened to you?

I digress ...

Well, good news friends! It's Wednesday, which means we are half way to another weekend. Ah, sweet weekend ... Honestly, this past weekend wasn't particularly productive for me (painting definitely did NOT get done), but I was able to check several things off my "Amy-do" list, and I'm proud of my small victories. ...And, unfortunately, as J seems to be coming down with something this week, I may have plenty of solo time to do more chores. (Like... uhm... TONS of painting prep. J and I were talking this morning, and I think I may have been hasty to think I could paint last weekend after all. The final room that we need to paint was previously painted with stripes ... which means lots of sanding and putty-ing before we even get to the taping and painting. Meh... on the bright side, I sure will feel accomplished once it's done!)

And some more good news: I have something very exciting to share with my Ohio (especially central Ohio!) friends. A PSA of sorts, I guess you could say.

What is it, you ask?

Well, it's no secret that I am totally in love with my furbabies ... Baron and Gracie have enriched my life in so many ways -- they make me laugh, they comfort me when I'm sick or sad (When I wasn't feeling well on July 3, Gracie snuggled with me in the dark of the bedroom as we listened to a nearby fireworks display.) and, most importantly, they have unlocked rooms in my heart that I never knew I had. Before Baron and Gracie, I had never really owned a pet before, I couldn't begin to comprehend that love -- and now? It astounds me. And, without hesitation, I would recommend this experience to ... well, everyone.

And so, it is with great excitement that I present this opportunity to you! During the month of July (sorry I didn't find out about this earlier to tell you!) the
Capital Area Humane Society has reduced their adoption fee for cats and kittens to just $25 :)

How awesome is this?! Baron and Gracie both came from the CAHS, and were "fixed" and microchipped when we got them. We couldn't be happier with the kitties, and have been very impressed with the CAHS in general (in fact, volunteering there is on my list of things to explore ...) So, if you're in the central OH area and have been on the fence about adopting a 'fuzzy' ... what are you waiting for?!-- this is a great opportunity!

If you need any more incentive, just look at these dear little faces...(I'm loving Chloe (black cat Chloe), Doyle, Homer and Eclipse...)

(For the record, J and I will not be getting another cat at this time... I begged and pleaded... and he told me 1 more cat = one less kiddo (someday... I'm not trying to tell you anything)... )

And now, in honor of this special catly opportunity, a special list!

Good List
Dedicated to Baron and Gracie

1. Little faces that peer out the window, ready to greet me the minute I cross the threshold into my home.
2. Kind little souls that have, in fact, made my house the home that it is.
3. Deep, beautiful stretches that inspire me to do yoga (
cat pose, anyone? Actually, Gracie does a killer downward dog....)
4. Fuzzy, purring bodies that wind around my arms and legs and make doing yoga impossible... but so enjoyable.
5. Being reminded that sometimes afternoon (and morning, and evening) naps are not only acceptable, but completely necessary.
6. Being reminded that we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously.
7. Seeing Baron and Gracie's pride when they show off a "new trick" (ie: Baron opens cabinets, Gracie knows how to play "hide & seek")
8. Sometimes, if we haven't seen the cats in a while, one of them will realize they are alone, and wander through the house "calling for us". It's completely endearing.
9. "Mama & Gracie snuggle time", which is so SO definitely my favorite time of day.
10. Watching them revel in the small, beautiful pleasures of their world: sun beams, soft blankets, watching bunnies in the back yard, stealing drinks from the bathroom faucets. Seeing their joy multiplies mine tenfold.

Have a happy Wednesday, everyone :)