Friday, April 30, 2010

'Walk with me ..."

Happy Friday!! I don't know about you, but this week has flown (I am not complaining-- I'm soo ready for another weekend :)

It's looking like another rainy weekend her in central OH, and you know what that means: MORE BAKING! (And reading, of course :) If you have any fabulous recipes to share, please send them along (fabulous ideas and inspiration always welcome, too.)

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.... Today, in contrast with the projected weekend forecast, is an absolutely *beautiful day-- sunshine and 70's, woohoo!! Therefore, since I can no longer use the weather as my excuse, I can write this post that I've been dreaming up for the past couple weeks: Walk with me.

(*But first, a small detour : Just to make myself clear: it's not that I don't love thunderstorms, which are very much beautiful in their own way.... it's just that, as far as "being outside beauty" is concerned, sunshine very much trumps the rain :)

Anyway, as I know I have mentioned before, I spend many of my lunchtimes outside. I am very blessed to work in an office building that backs up on one of the Westerville bike paths. Sometimes I go out and walk for fitness (really scootin', and watching the garmin for distance and mile splits), but lately (eh hem: or "springly", rather... I've been doing this since things started turning green!) I've been walking for pleasure, soaking in all the beauty around me, and breathing in peace in the middle of what can be very stressful work days.

The path I'm going to walk with you today is the "Right Path" (meaning that I turn right, instead of left.... original, I know.) I think captions might only take away from the beauty, so below is simply a collection of pictures. Enjoy!

Have a beautiful start to your weekend!

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