Thursday, April 29, 2010


Not so Good: My day started out bright and early with this* falling into my lap.


* For those of you reading who actually know your 'bugs', this was exactly what fell on me. (Gah... which is a good thing bc THIS is a bed bug....) However, it looked pretty much the same, only about 2" long. Anyhoo...

Good: It missed falling into my coffee by mere centimeters -- but it did miss! Also, the shrieks & dances that ensued while Sarah, Katie, Molly and I all tried to catch the critter and smash it were rather amusing. (Yes. it was a team effort, and I do realize that this behavior is decidedly 'girly'. I think it is the perfect time to remind you that (a) the bug was HUMONGOUS 2" long (b) I am a girl, so acting girly isn't all together unexpected ... and (c) the cup of coffee I alluded to was my first of the day... & really, while having a large bug fall into your lap at any time is disconcerting, having said large bug fall in your lap prior to drinking your first sip of coffee is completely unbearable....)

Also good:

Good List

1. J.

2. Snuggling in bed and hot oatmeal make cold mornings infinitely more bearable :)

3. Homemade pizza (last night's margherita pizza was wonderful. Definitely justified me being excited about it all week day!)

4. Quiet nights. Because sometimes it's nice to sit and just 'be'.

5. Clearance racks.

6. Beautiful hardcover books, filled with absolutely delicious inspiration. Like this one : the beautiful outdoor-scapes set my heart and imagination on fire-- and inspire me to create a warm gathering place in which we can both host summer backyard bbqs and relax in the sun.

7. The weather this week (post-Monday, obviously) has been perfect (and I do not say that lightly!) Bright sunshine + cooler (50's - low 60's) temperatures have made it impossible to resist long afternoon walks.

8. 'Mocktails'. Lately I have been enjoying pom + club soda or oj + club soda as a refreshing pick-me-up.

9. Snuggling with the kitties (& a good book!) in the late afternoon sun.

10. One of my favorite things about our new neighborhood is being able to sit out on the front porch and watch the neighborhood kids playing. There is lots of bike riding, and there always seems to be a little group of children gathered at one house or another. A couple of times (when the breeze is just right) I can hear them telling each other stories and/or setting up the parameters for a really good "make-believe session." (ie: "...I'm all grown up, I have a car and a golden retriever. You're my son.") What wonderful memories that brings back! I really wanted to move into a 'family-oriented neighborhood', and I think we picked a good one :)

And now, to continue with List Day Tuesday Wednesday Thursday (?!) (Gah... I'll 'get with it eventually, I promise.), below you will find the list that inspired this post.

Now I know you've heard of "honey-do's... well this, my friends, is the "Amy-do". In the spirit of full disclosure, I've gotta tell you right off the bat, a good amount of this stuff won't get done tonight ... so I guess really you should read this as a "wish list" for my next 24 hours (as of now, 8:48 pm tomorrow-- Friday-- will be my cut-off)

I'll try to cross these out as I go... My basic problem m.o. is to make lots of lists, and thrill in the making.... And then lose them, or for various other reasons never end up checking things off (which is tragic, since 'the checking' is arguably the most fulfilling part!) This is actually a little experiment for me... to see if I get more accomplished since I am being held accountable :0


  • Drink a glass of red wine
  • & eat some dark chocolate with sea salt (All right, fine... I may have added these 1st two items to the list simply so that I can cross them off... but, on the other hand... I did wish to do this tonight ... )
  • Go to bed early (930 ish) and attempt to get 8 hours of sleep. (Friday a.m. edit = FAIL. Total fail. I was in bed early... but I don't think we turned off the lights till around 11pm.)
  • Remember to set my alarm for early early tomorrow morning, so I am forced to .... (Friday a.m. edit = Okay... I did this, but I definitely woke up at 4:30 this morning and re-set it.... That's why this is "half-crossed-out".... not a total fail, but definitely not a complete success, as far as the intent behind it....)
  • wake early and go for a run (& shower) and manage to make it out of the house at 7 am, so I can ....(Friday a.m. edit = Again, partial win. Showered and made it out the door at 7...ish)
  • Call Emily on the way to work (Friday a.m. = DONE!)
  • Hit up the S-bux drive through and celebrate the fact it's Friday with a delicious, hot cup of caffeine (note: I have been trying to do this all week. Tomorrow is my last chance, so to speak...) (Friday a.m. = DONE! ... although, I feel the need to point out how glad I am that I didn't say "make it into work exactly on time... Ah well, one step at a time :)
  • Walk at lunchtime, and take lots of pictures for W.W.M. (I will link this acronym forward once I get tomorrow's post up.... just trust me and check back tomorrow evening!)
  • DATE NIGHT! (so, actually, the 'Amy-do' part of this is "PLAN date night!")
  • (keep in mind that these are not necessarily in order... I need to do this one as soon as I press "publish"...) Write an encouraging (inspirational? It's a "lift-up", agape type of thing :) note to a friend who is running her 1st half-marathon this Saturday!
  • ... and because I am so cool, and don't think I could stand to go one more day without doing this ... I need to run to the library and get a reserved book. ('American Wife' -- I'll let you know what I think, but I've heard it's awesome !)
  • Um... and I think ice cream will be necessary tomorrow, too :)
What are your weekend plans? Crazy nights out with friends? Lovely, quiet nights at home? Movies? Books? Travel plans (Heidi, I'm looking at you here)? (I'll go first: Date night Friday, time with my sister on Saturday a.m., and then ???)

Whatever your plans are, I hope it's a fabulous one, and one you are looking forward to. TGIaF, friends!

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