Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Taking care of business

Hi friends, Happy Wednesday!

I hope most all of you are reveling in the loveliness of this short 'holiday week', as I am (... although... and please tell me I'm not alone in this: I'm so thankful for my 4-day work week.... but these 4 days sure are dragging on... Why does this happen?!) -- and that you have lots of warm, happy memories of time spent with family and friends from this past weekend.

All right, bloggies, here's the deal: I have an absolutely fabulous post racing around in this little noggin' of mine... and, as much as I love (oh, and I do LOVE) the 'Good Lists'... I feel like this post deserves to stand on it's own. (You'll see what I mean, I promise!)

Actually, this week has been (thank you, sweet heaven) a really happy and good week so far-- which means I have lots to talk about all across the board ... so expect several rapid succession posts over the next few days (... and by rapid succession ... I mean rapid for me. Look for posts on W, R and F !)

Anyhoo (when I deviate from the topic at hand like this I like to tell myself that this 'delightful, stream-of-consciousness' style is something ya'll love about me... right? I promise I do always have a point...), with this in mind, I am going to keep this short and sweet-- and I'll get right down to business. Because, really, the good stuff is always the point.

Good List

1. J. We've both been rather tired lately, so we've made it a priority to keep things low-key and to be really gentle with each other. It has been wonderful, and I love these moments of growth, even when it seems like it's the 'mundane everyday stuff'.

2. Decaf coffee. I am attempting to stop drinking coffee (eeek-- I KNOW! Will discuss later this week...), and this is helping to comfort me as I 'make the break'. I truly think this makes it easier than going 'cold turkey' all at once.

3. The sweet, warm 'kitty smell' of Gracie when I kiss her and nuzzle her neck.

4. Girls' nights. Laurie, Bethany and I went out on Monday night to see Sex and the City 2 (which I really loved! Personally, I liked it even better than the 1st movie.) J and I laugh together a lot... but there is a part of my soul that just craves that one-of-a-kind shrieking, girly laughter. Girlfriends are absolute necessities.

5. Birthday cupcakes: vibrant frosting and moist, velvety cake. Perfection!

6. Opening myself up so that I may completely experience (read: cry) the profoundly touching and beautiful moments in the every day. I've caught myself thinking, as I blink and swallow past the lump in my throat, 'wow. This is really living.'

7. Lovely, encouraging emails, received first thing in the morning. (Yay for different time-zones! ;)

8. Sweet compromise: BFOC with a twist! Pb cookie (1) + bowl of cereal for breakfast. Filling for the tummy, filling for the soul.

9. Dreaming of vacation (PA in 2 weeks, and we're in the beginning phases of planning our anniversary weekend trip!)

10. Peace. I have no idea what I am meant to do with this life, when I need to move forward, or who I will become. I take comfort in the fact that, beyond this: right here-- right now, is exactly where I am meant to be.

And with that, Goodbye for now! May your day be filled with all sorts of wonderful surprises!

PS: Ah... and I almost forgot: Happy National Running Day!

I hope to celebrate this event after work ... if I don't melt in the process.... it's getting up to 90* here in OH today... Summer is here with a vengeance, baby!

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