Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Odds & Ends

A few thoughts for this Tuesday evening:

~ I composed most of this post (read: a bunch of amusing, if random, thoughts) in my head this evening while I was running .
~ Tonight's run was pretty miserable. I think I lost 5 lbs in sweat. I think I almost tacked a small boy to get his scooter. I think I found the only path through our neighborhood that doesn't have an inch of shade. ... Heh. Yeah, it was one of those ;)
~ I am convinced that the pickles I ate before the run helped me not to die out there. Please don't read this wrong -- I still felt like I was going to die.... but I am pleased to report that I made it home in one piece ... and am absolutely fine now :)
~I also decided (for the nth time) that I really need to carry around a pocket recorder or a small notebook at all times ... I (go figure) tend to be at my most creative when I am nowhere near paper or a computer.
~I love, Love LOVE iced tea. I think I love it more this year than I've ever had before. I know this passion has been slow brewing (heh) for just about my whole life ... as my mother drinks tea like water (ironically, my mother-in-law drinks coffee like it's water .... that's not an indication that the two don't get along well, though. Perhaps they bond over their mutual love of hot caffeinated beverages?! Anyhoo...) ...I am fighting the siren call of an icy pitcher of cold brew white peach tea as we speak.
~ (btw: back now, with tea.)
~ In the spirit of honesty, I need to admit to you that (in case you might check it) I am going to be changing my half-marathon plan. I realized (after the fact, of course...) that as lovely as this plan looks... I don't run 4 days a week. (Kind of like I don't cut cake...) I haven't run 4 days a week since I was on the cross country team in high school -- and oh baby, those days are gone. Therefore, I will be tweaking the plan to be more Amy-like. Little by little, color by color :)
~ I used to think that chocolate chip cookies were my least favorite kind of cookie (... not because I disliked them, persay... but... meh. I thought they were kind of "nothing special".) I was oh so delightfully wrong.
~ PA weekend is coming up (T-minus 2 days!) and I am so excited.
~ Another "true confession". As a result (I like to believe) of being happily married, my pants are getting a little tight. Sigh. Which is rather tragic, seeing how it's summer, and clothes are typically on the tight side anyway... Therefore, my newest project (not diet!) will be an exercise in moderation ... just cutting back a bit on the desserts, and being diligent with the running plan ~ My husband, on the other hand.. just started getting his MBA. Master in Beer Appreciation... I guess it's all a matter of preference :)
~ I have no idea what to think of this. As you know, I am a religious person (I technically consider myself more spiritual... for me it's more about the personal than the institution ...) and so part of me is sad, because, as you might guess this has opened a lot of doors for jokes and ridicule. But... at the same time? That statue was kind of ridiculous.
~ Speaking of that storm -- it got pretty crazy here last night around 1 am. Lots of lightening and wind! We were really blessed to only have to reset our alarm clock and microwave (power outage) -- One of my clients told me today that the lightening completely took out their internet and phone systems.
~ I have decided that Tim McGraw's "Southern Voice" is going to be this summer's soundtrack song (you know... every summer's got one: in future years whenever I hear this song I will remember our first summer in the new house!)

Well, that's all for now-- I'll be back tomorrow with some lists!

Your Turn: What song is the soundtrack of your summer?

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