Friday, June 4, 2010

5 things on Friday

Happy Friday afternoon, bloggies! I hope you are having a fabulous day, and looking forward to a nice (if not long) weekend :) I, predictably, am to the point where I am bouncing off the walls-- so I feel that it is the perfect time for another post... So, without further ado, here are 5 (good) things for this Friday:

Good thing #1
Gracie is finally out of confinement!!! (I feel that 3 exclamations marks is not nearly enough to convey my enthusiasm... but I kind of feel like 3 might be as many as I can get away with, without sounding like a "Twilight-crazed" preteen girl-- "squeeee!" ... wait...) Anyway, we let 'our little one' out when we got home from work, and after Baron got over himself, we all had a very nice night.

Good thing #2
It's June!

...Yes, I realize it's been June for a while now, but I refuse to curb my excitement :) New months are always a treat, because they bring with them fresh new starts, and new chances. June is extra special, though, because it's halfway through the year (Ho.Ly. MOLY. That 1st 6 months went awfully quickly!) Therefore, it is time for me to reexamine some of my goals (yikes, this could be brutal) and give an honest progress report :)
From the list published here:

So, how am I doing?

Goal 1: This has been almost too easy. I've definitely been reading 1, if not 2 books per month. Now, in the spirit of complete honesty ... I cringe when I say this (and my librarian mother I'm sure is cringing, too...) but-- unfortunately my library fines seem to be in direct proportion with the number of books I'm reading... Apparently, I have good taste, and can't renew any books because other people have placed them on reserve.... Ah. well. Still a win in my mind ;)

Grade: A+

Goal 2: Oh, date night, how I miss you. Date night has dwindled as our energy level has dwindled... I'm pretty sure that we haven't gone out for date night since we moved into the new house. ... Of course, there's always tomorrow to get this turned around (Amy begins scheming...)

Grade: B-

Goal 3: Keep writing. Yup... I've definitely done that. I may not have written out my story (did anyone unscramble this besides Laurie?)... but I haven't given up on it either. Therefore, while this is still in the works, I think it's a very promising start.

Grade: B+

Goal 4: Uhm, Fail. Definitely need to get a little more motivation on this one...

Grade: D+

Goal 5: Well, we're not going to accomplish the huge 'Travel out West' roadtrip that I had in mind when I wrote out the list, but I would like to think of this not as failed.... but rather as put on hold for a while. After all, the reason we will not be traveling this summer is because we traveled across town at the end of March ... to a new house ;)

Grade: Withdrawn

Goal 6: Ah, running... sigh. There are good days, there are bad days, and there are 'heaven-help-me-because-i-would-rather-sit-here-and-eat-this-bag-of-chips' days. I definitely need to put a little more work into this one.

Grade: C

Quite frankly, I am breathing a sigh of relief over all :) There are definitely things that need some work (eh hem... numbers 4 and 6.. I'm looking right at you!), but I don't feel completely discouraged and defeated as I have in some years past. Maybe I'm finally learning the right way to make New Years' Resolutions!?

Good thing #3
If you are ever in Gahanna,
Lola's is a fabulous restaraunt!! I promised you a review last week, and here it is: *Awesome*. Go tonight. Small, cozy mom & pop type place within walking distance of Creekside. The food is to die for-- and one of their specialties is a ravoili of the day (uniquely filled each day of the week!) ... Love.

Good Thing #4

After a horrendously long time (like, I kid you not, 2 months) I got the chance to have a nice long conversation with my best friend (The one who ran my 1st half marathon with me!) This woman just inspires me, and talking with her for an hour lifts my heart for at least a week. I am so honored that she asked me to stand with her next summer as she marries the man of her dreams. ... And, of course, I agreed :)

Good Thing #5

Caffeine ... Or the lack thereof.

As I alluded in an earlier post, I am attempting to drastically cut back / cut out the coffee. This is for a couple fairly important health related reasons, namely: my stomach and my sanity.

I'm not sure I mentioned it last year, but there was a period of time (like, oh, January to September) when I was absolutely convinced I had an ulcer. Ughh. Not fun, bloggies, not fun at all. In the end, I took a bunch of tests (whew. expensive tests!) and nothing was found ... but I still felt awful. I think (whatever it was) it was heavily influenced by the catastrophic levels of stress in my life... because it leveled out once October rolled around. (J likes to gloat that he healed me with his magical-perfect-husbandness... While there may be some truth to that... I know it was probably a combination of a lot of stuff.) So, anyway... while the stomach pain didn't completely disappear, now I can go weeks and months without experiencing it ... while, at it's "peak awful-ness" I was having problems just about every day.

But that gnawing feeling that always signaled me that I was headed for a miserable afternoon? Coffee seems to trigger that sometimes. Sigh ... and no matter how much I love it, I'm just not sure it's worth it. (On top of that, I have discovered that drinking coffee gives me pretty drastic anxiety. Which again, is rather miserable... and not worth it.)

Soo... I am drinking decaf for now (hence the praise in Wednesday's Good List.) While I realize decaf has a bit of a 'why bother' stigma associated with it (hmm. much like diet coke.... which I also love because I love...)-- AND I don't really want to think too hard about the decaffeination process... for me, for now, it is a good thing. Maybe in the future I'll be able to let go of my morning coffee ritual completely... I'm not in a huge rush. After all, I had years of co-ops over which to develop this obsession passion... so I'll take it slow. ...and of course I will occasionally treat myself to a beloved vanilla latte (uhm.. which, duh, I supposed I could get decaffeinated ...) Therefore, this "development" makes the good list because, while (not gonna lie) I'm a little sad that my love affair had to end this way... I know it is a step in the right direction for my health :)

So there you have it: what are '5 Friday things' that summarize your week?

It's time for me to get "weekending"... but if I don't make it back before next Monday, have a wonderful Saturday & Sunday!

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