Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It is decided **: I am moving to CA

... because it will be warm and temperate, and if I plan my location right, I will be within driving distance to the mountains and snow! (...assuming, that is, that I am someday insane nostalgic and actually miss the snow....)

(** of course, by "it is decided" I really mean "argh-it's-only-January 5- and-I-don't-know-if-I'm-going-to-make-it-through-another-3 mos-of snow" ... As my friend Katie and I were discussing this a.m., seasonal depression starts in Ohio on January 2.)

But enough complaining :) HAPPY NEW YEAR! While it was definitely not my intent to take a "blog-cation" for the winter holidays, life happened. The Christmas and New Year celebrations were filled with family, laughter, and a lot of firsts (J and I celebrated our 1st Christmas together as a married couple, and I loved every single part of that... baking for my husband, decorating our home so it felt warm and Christmasy, and staying up late to wrap presents and fill stockings). However (and I'll blame it on the fact that I am "new" to being a married grown-up at Christmas-time! i'm hoping by the time we introduce a little J or Amy into the mix, I'll have this stuff down :) ... Haha... and that means I have at least 3 years to work out the kinks ...) I still feel like I might need another 2 weeks to recover. I am one tired girl!

Anyway Santa (via J) was VERY good to me this year; he heard my pleas and I unwrapped a Mac*Book on Christmas morning! I'm really excited to learn all the shortcuts and cool tricks I can do with it (I am a converted PC girl... and right now all I can do is surf the internet-- although I honestly haven't had the time to explore any further :) J's Christmas present was a map of the US, and a promise to take a road-trip together sometime this year ... which is something he has always dreamed of doing. (I'll keep you updated on that excitement, I promise... however... due to the "yuck Ohio weather" that was mentioned earlier, I don't imagine we will be planning to embark on our trip until Summer or Fall....)

Let's see: In other news, the kitties have been up to their usual shennanigans-- and here is the latest documented evidence:

(I received this is an email from J., entitled, "If your CD player stops working .... Now you know why.") Ahh. "I lurves mah baybees!" <3

And now, not to delay any longer, I owe you folks some LISTS!

Enjoy :-D

Good List:

1. J. My husband and best friend

2. Dreams

3. The promise and motivation that come with a new year & fresh start

4. Being able to take a step back and see "the whole picture"

5. A pile of new books to devour :)

6. Pizza.... I've said it before, but it bears repeating--- "the more veggies the better..." Yummm.

7. Vapo*rub. This stuff is magical, I tell you. It puts me to sleep within 15 minutes (which, quite frankly, is better than any "sleep-aids" I've ever tried!)

8. The fact that you don't have to have only 1 "best friend" :)

9. Space heaters

10. Living in joyful anticipation of what is to come. Making 2010 my best year yet.

A few "secrets" about Amy:

  • I absolutely detest doing laundry.

  • I have been known to eat cookies for breakfast :)

  • I have a little bit of a restless spirit (which probably explains why I loved co-oping so much. I loved moving different places and being forced to make new friends and "learn" new towns.)

  • If the opportunity ever presented itself (meaning, if a job opportunity came up and J. was game!) I would move back to Wisconsin in a heartbeat. (Ha... didn't see that one coming with all the "I'm so sick of snow" talk, did you?!)

  • I am scared to death of snakes

  • I have never mowed (mown?) a lawn

  • I have a purse problem (read: I have WAY too many...)

  • I lose socks like it's my job.

  • I don't like sweet potatoes (haha... unless Laurie whips them up with butter and tons of sugar for the holidays!)

  • I la-la-love NPR.

  • I don't *really* like chocolate cake

  • I have never done my own taxes :-/

  • My one "act of rebellion" (I you could even call it that... and I wouldn't) was getting my belly-button pierced in hs. I still have it, and yes, I still love it :)

  • I could probably live on buttered toast.

  • I am a total country-girl: I love BBQ, beer & country music-- and wide open spaces make my heart sing.

New Year (2010!) Goals:

1. Read 1 book a month (This is what I am reading now--- fabulous!)

2. Have a "date night" with J once a week.

3. Keep writing (which involves a more tangible goal, which I alluded to in here...)

4. Get up at 5:00 every morning (which will open up time for exercise, or devotions & "home breakfasts")

5. Go on a roadtrip with J

6. Fall in love with running again :)

Things I am loving right now:

4. Gummy Vitamins!! (I may actually start taking vitamins on a regular basis!)

5. BB's lip gloss (definitely my fave!)

6. Disney's The Princess and the Frog. Absolutely brilliant-- loved the music!

7. Cookies for breakfast (see above.) ...Because that's how I roll :)

9. Soup (a necessity on these cold wintery days!)

10. Gallery Quality Canvas Wraps (drool.... we are totally getting one of our wedding pictures done like this .... the question is whether to hang in the living room or the bedroom....)

Happy Thursday, friends :) Let's make it a good one!

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