Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mid-week Stupor.... (alt. TGIW, but I wish it was Friday :)

Holy goodness .... I don't know if it's the dark cold days, the crazy-business of work (lately) or the fact that I am working out regularly again, but I am completely exhausted.

.... and it's 9am on Wednesday .... Glahhh...

In an effort to (1) stay awake and (2) cheer myself on this cold gray-ish (although there have been some peeks of sunshine!) morning, I am posting "early", and listing first!

Good List:

1. J. We had our first date night on Sunday evening, and I think we're both still glowing from it. I had such a good time sitting down and talking with my husband (tee hee... it still feels really strange to think of J as my husband.... maybe after a year I'll get used to it? :)-- and the food was spectacular!

2. Buffy. I have a new vampire in my life, and his name is Angel. *drools* .... I know I am almost 10 years late to hop on this train, but now that I did, I am really enjoying it. ...which brings me to:

3. Hulu. Yay for computer streaming of absolutely fabulous shows :)

4. Blush. I've never really used it before (I was always afraid--and probably for good reason-- that I would look silly or clown-like in it...) but I've found that it brightens my whole face... In winter, brightness = greatness!

5. Veggie subs. yummmm.

6. Hot chocolate. I had a cup last Friday for the first time in I-don't-know-how-long (but it's a safe bet that it had been at least a year. It totally hit the spot.

7. Mechanical pencils. Love, LoVe, LOVE.

8. Having energy to bound out of bed when the alarm clock goes off the first time (which *cough* did not happen today.... but it's SO wonderful when it does!)

9. The way a "yummy-shampoo smell" can linger with you all day long :)

10. Coming back, and realizing how much I had missed in the weeks I was gone <3

All right. I am definitely feeling better now. Mission accomplished :)

More later .... Enjoy your Wednesday, friends!

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