Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dedicated to the other love of my life ...

Baron, the "other man of the house". So distinguished!!

To preface this post, I need to tell you that I have never considered myself a cat person. J has always had that aspect covered in our relationship (having grown up in a house with 4 cats, he pretty much had to sink or swim, imho...) I didn't dislike them, per say.. it was more that they never gave me the time of day, and so I figured, why bother?!

And then, I met this little guy:

J and "baby Baron" Summer, 2007

During the summer of 2007, J welcomed this little black and white spit-fire into our lives. Baron (named at the Humane Society) let J know without a doubt that "he was the one" as soon as we met. He snuggled right up to J, and let us know in no uncertain terms that he would like to be taken home "NOW" (Baron has always been a very talkative cat-- which is something that I love!) Over past two years, Baron and I have had a few stand-offs (and I'm sure when I move in after J and I get married, we will have several more "look.. this is how it is" talks)-- but I have to say, without a doubt, my life has been much enriched because of his presence.

Baron, helping me assemble wedding invites: Summer 2009

Here are just a few things I have learned, thanks to my beloved fur baby:
  1. Allow yourself plenty of time to nap each day. A good nap always improves your outlook on life.
  2. If something is wrong, don't be afraid to cry about it (loudly). It gets the job done.
  3. Eat often, and thoroughly enjoy each bite.
  4. Greet guests at the door like they are the first person you have seen all day-- it will make them feel loved and appreciated.
  5. Warm soft blanket = Heaven
  6. Spend lots of time contemplating the beauty of the outdoors (Baron loves to sit at the window and watch the geese play in the fountain outside.)
  7. Yoga is always, always more fun with a cat.
  8. Sometimes, no matter how much you cry, J will not listen. In this case, if you sit in his lap, he will have to pay attention to you.
  9. Sometimes, lying in the sunshine for 20 minutes is just what is needed to revive your soul.
  10. Set aside time each day to play. Not only is it fun and fulfilling to you- but it brings you closer to the one you are playing and laughing with-- playtime = quality time.
I love you, little one! I am so blessed to be your "fur mommy" !!

Always up for some mischief ...

"I'll help you with the laundry!!"

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