Wednesday, August 5, 2009

45 days until I am a Mrs.!!!

Happy Wednesday evening, bloggies :) For me, the week seems to be sitting comfortably between "dragging on" and "hey... it's only Wednesday, BUT look at all I have gotten done!!" Honestly, I believe this falls more on the good side -- and I'm happy to take it!

Anyway, productive day, particularly in the arena I alluded to yesterday, and (blatantly) hinted at in the title. Yup, that's right. In a mere 45 days (actually the engineer in me tells me that's it's even less, and to be exact, currently I have 44 days, 5 hours and x minutes... I digress...) I will be beginning the lifelong adventure of marriage with my best friend, J. (Turning a new corner, if you will...)

Me+ J. Amazing engagement photo courtesy of the lovely and talented Kelly Heasley.

J and I have been dating for almost 7 years, and so, while getting married (for us) seemed like the natural step, I have never underrated just how BIG of a deal this is. Being engaged has brought with it a myriad of emotions that I never expected-- along with abundant joy, I have also felt ... well, pretty much all of the following (ref.

Lately, I have progressed into the "super-weirdo-shouldn't-have-eaten-that-piece-of-cake-before-dinner" type of dreams, that I am sure any good psychiatrist would try to convince me meant that "I was surely having secret doubts..." But honestly, other than being extremely annoying, I would have to say that .... it must be the late night cake noshing. Although some days I am more than a little intimidated by the sheer depth and breadth of what I am about to do-- I do not feel doubt. J is my best friend. He's not perfect -- but more importantly, neither am I. What matters is that I; beautifully complicated, sometimes gross, all too often irrationally emotional, complainy, compassionate, daydreamer, romantic ME; have found someone who is just stubborn enough to love me inspite of myself. In J I have found a partner who will speak to me honestly in love, correct me when he sees I am "barrelling along at 100 mph in the wrong direction"; and make me laugh. Although J has all ready learned how to "push my buttons" , what is more important is that he is willing to spend the rest of his life loving me, and seeking everyday to love me better.

Enough mush. (Are you still with me?) Back to my day ;) Today was spent (happily) checking to-do's off my list. To note, I have accomplished the following:
  1. Clean my room (check-- although that really wasn't wedding-y)
  2. Create map to include with the invitations (check-- kind of. It's in the works...)
  3. Address the "Amy-side" invites (uh... not yet. but I'm getting there!)
  4. Assemble bridesmaid gifts (check!)
  5. Update registry after J's & my wedding shower (check!)
... Aaand there may or may not be about a bazillion other things that did not get checked off yet. Luckily, I have never been one who gets discouraged by "things left undone"-- rather, I find hope in thinking about accomplishing them in the future. Like I've said before... I thrive on lists... they're kind of "my thing" :)

However, on that note... I'd better be off. I have a shower and some invitation writing in my future.

Until tomorrow....

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  1. From now, it's only 44 days and 3 hours! (yay for my phone's countdown keeping me updated!) :D

    L. :)