Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Beginning ...

Hi, I'm Amy. This is my blog.

Are you with me?

All kidding aside, this blog has been a really, really long time coming. I LOVE reading blogs, and I love to write, so one would see the obvious "next step" to be publishing my own blog ... and there really weren't any good reasons why I didn't do this until NOW ... I am a recent (Dec. 2008) college graduate, and I am still working on setting up my *ReAl* life-- meaning, learning to balance all the "necessaries" with the things that bring me joy. I will be the first one to admit to you, some days I am (much) better at this than others :) Erhm... back to the point, which is: I am partially (mostly) beginning this blog to remain honest with myself. Writing has always been therapeutic for me-- and putting words on paper helps solidify for me what is real from what will fade away. In a nutshell: this blog came about at precisely this time because I decided to finally bite the bullet and do it for me.

That said (and here's the disclaimer): I cannot promise you a standardized format. Some days I will be overflowing with joy and hope for my world (I consider myself an optimist to the core), but some days the world will get me down, and I may have a more somber tone. I am relatively certain that I will give you lots of lists (it's kind of "what I do" ;)...) and I hope to put up some pictures as I go, too.

I know this is getting lengthy, so I'll leave you with a list (you know, 'cause it's what I do...)

My (incredibly ambitious, but surely attainable) List of To-Do's in the next 46 days***:
  1. Run a half-marathon with my best friend Saundra (8/30)
  2. Convince a certain kitty that I am really not so bad, and he can, indeed, bring himself to sit in my lap (and SNUGGLE With Me!! ... baby steps....baby steps...)
  3. Learn to walk in these beauties: (photo from shoes.com)
  4. Make Jillian Michaels my new best friend (or NOT. At least spend some quality time with her...)
  5. Read 2 books, including Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti (look for a review soon!)
  6. Write an "incredible, once in a lifetime" kind of love letter.
  7. Buy a really, really good pillow (any suggestions?)
  8. Eat a DQ Blizzard.
  9. Learn to be patient, and wait in peace. (I want to learn this, like, yesterday... lol)
  10. Learn how to effectively pack (just so we're clear, I mean every space filled) a suitcase.
*** Stay tuned.. tomorrow I'll talk a little about me-- and WHY my list's time line is 46 days!

Ah, and I can't forget- a quick, heartfelt shout-out to my sister, without whom this blog (including blog title!) would not exist. Love you!

Goodnight, bloggies!

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