Thursday, February 3, 2011

I believe (part II)

I believe ...

I believe in frigidly beautiful mornings, and the way the sun softens the edges of the snow as it begins to rise.

I believe in snow ball fights.

I believe in peppermint mochas.

I believe in the exquisite, unique beauty that is in in each snow flake.

I believe in roaring fireplaces.

I believe in layers & layers of soft blankets.

I believe it's never to cold to enjoy a dish of ice cream.

I believe that winter instills a hope in us like nothing else. No matter how cold we get, we know Spring is on the way...

I believe that the first snowfall of the year is magical.

I believe in drawing close to family & the warmth of joyful celebrations.

I believe that you are never too old to enjoy a snow day.

I believe that winter sunshine is the sweetest, most encouraging sun.

I believe in deep cups of hot cocoa piled high with soft, fluffy marshmallows.

I believe in woolen mittens and cashmere scarves.

I believe, more than ever, in lunchtime walks & soaking up every drop of sunshine I am offered.

I believe that waking to a soft blanket of fresh snow in the morning is a gift, symbolic of the fresh start we are given each day.

I believe in the glowing warmth of community we feel as we huddle in coffee shops together, and bond over snow shovels in our neighbors' driveways.

I believe in winter.