Monday, October 4, 2010

One Track Mind

All right, friends. I had every intention of either (a) giving you the 'hometown tour' today or (b) delving into some heavier, personal stuff with a post about patience and faith. However, my plans were thwarted by grey skies threatening rain and a singular lack of energy (it's takes serious energy to write deep posts, you know?)

Today I am exhausted, and all I can think about is one thing: crawling back into bed. That is the one and only track on which my brain will function: a means to an end-- with the end being, of course, Amy snuggled under the down comforter. (With a good book--which may not get read, but it's a delicious idea!-- and my snuggly kitties, of course :) And while in other aspects of my Monday, my lack of focus has proved to be rather problematic-- in this case it has provided me inspiration.

From the time was are old enough to put ourselves to bed, our bedrooms are a place of creativity, renewal and comfort. Because J & I just moved into our house in April, I have been thinking a lot about our bedroom, and how I can make it into a getaway of sorts; a place of rest and peace. Since we moved rather soon after we got married and moved in together (I should point out that when I say "moved in together" I mean I moved in to J's apartment ... which makes a difference in this context:) I was still experimenting with color and design, working to make the place ours.

When J moved out on his own several years earlier, he bought furniture and bedding that reflected his style-- which is very clean & modern -- think: black leather sofa, black-painted iron & glass coffee table, and sheets& comforter in varying shades of gray. -- Which, don't get me wrong-- it looked fantastic. But it was not Amy-style -- and I struggled a little, in the first 6 months of our marriage, with feeling that it was still his place, and I was just living there.

Which all goes to say-- in moving to a new house (and, therefore, new bedroom) I had a chance to make over the room into somewhere I loved, and wanted to spend time in. I put a bookshelf in the bedroom, I bought a new comforter, I hung art, and I brought in the candles.

And now I can say, without hesitation: yes, this is a place where my heart feels safe. This is my haven.

Which is not to say that it is completely finished. This is my "inspiration board" (some of which you will recognize as a reality-- the rest I'll be piecing in, little by little. i.e.: I am so lusting after that cable knit blanket, I saw one in the store and it was the softest thing! ... For now I'm waiting--and hoping-- for it to go on sale :)

All photo credits to, except Cherry wood sleigh bed, credit:

And now it's your turn (and I am so excited to hear from you!): What does your dream bedroom look like? What color is it? What is on the walls? Any other defining features?