Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I believe

I believe ...

I believe in crisp dewy mornings and large cups of coffee.

I believe in sapphire blue skies and clouds so cottony and low-lying that you'd swear you could touch them.

I believe that our spirits rise as the mercury drops.

I believe in cozy sweaters and riding boots.

I believe in football Friday nights and bonfires with friends.

I believe in chilly, whispering winds and crunching leaves underfoot.

I believe in s'mores, ghost stories and hay rides.

I believe that the scent of cinnamon and cloves can welcome your heart home.

I believe in vivid sunsets and glasses of wine on the porch in the waning light.

I believe that the glossy, vibrant beauty of 'that one perfect apple' is proof that there is bountiful beauty and hope in the world.

I believe in pumpkin spice & mulled cider with donuts.

I believe in long walks and breathing in the beauty of the season. Truly, I can't get enough.

I believe in drawing close to loved ones as another year draws to a close.

I believe in wonder; in the incredible smallness I always feel as the seasons change and life goes on.

I believe in Autumn.