Monday, March 15, 2010


Because today making a "Good List" is absolutely imperative to my existence:

Good List:
1. J: Hubby. Friend. He knows exactly how to cheer me up, and he does a great job at just generally "being there for me" <3
2. Tomato sandwiches. Loveeeee. Tastes like summer :)
3. Snuggling with Gracie on my lunch hour made a stressful errand totally 100% worth it.
4. Sunshine peeking through the clouds.
5. Red finger nail polish.
6. Uncompromising cup-holders. (if you've ever lost your S-bux when you hit the brakes hard at a yellow light... you know what I am saying :)
7. Calculators.
8. Helpful customer service reps.
9. The smell of spring in the air.
10. Knowing 'This too, shall pass.

May your Monday be kind to you friends, as we gear up to conquer another week.

Much love, and more later :)

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