Tuesday, May 8, 2012


...I miss writing.

That realization has been at the back of my mind for several months now, but I felt it with startling clarity this weekend. ..And so, I pick up the (metaphorical) pen, and I write.

It was never really a conscious decision for me to stop writing in this place (although I cannot think of a better high note to end on than the completion of my 1st marathon!) ... But, life happened. For almost 6 months, I threw myself into every aspect of living outside of my little blog-world, and it was good. ...And now that I have gotten to the point where I (almost) physically ache to do this again? ...Well, that's good, too.

I am learning that life has this innate balance to it. ...A fact that can be crushingly frustrating before you fully grasp it. The truth is: you can never keep everything in the air all at once. We were not created to do that. Naturally, as one thing falls, another rises in its place. We are called to focus our love & energy in different places at different times ... and if we can only embrace that, well, we're allowing ourselves to diversify and live a more vibrant life.

Here is a condensed look at some of my favorite moments from the past few months:
So the year is off to a wonderful start. ... And it's just beginning. The coming months are bringing many celebrations, many challenges to help me grow, and countless beautiful 'in between' moments that make life worth living.

...I'm looking forward to sharing the journey ♥