Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stories Behind the Posts ....

  • I really need to learn html (Stupid Meta tags...)
  • Honest to goodness, I think the quickest I've ever gotten a blog post up is in an hour. Since I reevaluated my goals and direction in January, it's taken even longer. I always have to tweak one more thing, spell check one more time, etc.
  • Sometimes the primary reason why it takes me hours to publish a post is because Gracie is sitting on my keyboard. She can be very persistent.
  • The other night I typed up this great, positive, bouncy, Amy-like post. Then I had the audacity to try and upload the final picture (Gracie). ...And somehow, I lost everything in my post before the P.S. You did not want to hear the words coming out of my mouth.
  • Comments make my day. Comments are better than dark chocolate, and red wine, and maybe even both together. If you comment, I will respond. I promise ;)
  • Inevitably, as I am going about my day, I come up with ideas for the blog. Also inevitably, I am somewhere doing something that I can't write the ideas down, and *sigh* probably a majority of these 'fleeting brilliances' don't make it to the blog. It actually makes me pretty sad. If only I had a better memory....
  • I take about 5 pictures for every picture that makes it to the blog. I delete a lot of duds.
  • It is ridiculously hard to take a self portrait with a cat in your lap.
  • ...It's ridiculously hard to take pictures with cats-- period...
  • It is a miracle that I have not spilled wine on my keyboard yet. (Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go knock on my wooden buffet cabinet.)
  • I struggle an awful lot with what to say, and what to keep to myself.
  • I love the way blogging makes me see everyday events in a different light.
  • Jon loves that blogging has turned me into a nerd ;) Hehe. You've still got me beat by a looong shot, honey!
  • I have published 131 posts. I have 169 posts in my directory. This means I have about 38 posts in my "Post Graveyard".... That's kind of a lot.

Any blogging confessions?