Friday, February 5, 2010


The #1 on my good list today is "unexpected re-connections".

Today I got a message from a girlfriend I haven't talked to in (at least, if not more than) a year, and we picked up right where we left off. Now, I know I have given thanks for this kind of thing before, but this was extra special, because typically when I talk about good friends being able to catch up right where they left off, they are friends that I have known for years. This woman and I knew each other for (maybe) 6 months, during which time we went out to coffee together once.

And yet today we chatted for well over an hour, and she was able to bless me and fill a very specific need for me. This conversation was so exactly what my heart needed today... it takes my breath away.


...And I'm so thankful.

May your day be blessed, friends.
(And, if you're in OH, like me, may you be blessed with an early dismissal from work and a safe trip home.)

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